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Spell Checker for Edit Boxes
A near-universal spell checker for Windows applications.
An invaluable add-on for any text-based application.

Principal features
Spell Checker checks the spelling of any edit control in almost any application under Windows 3.1/95/98. The program was designed to run under Windows 3.1. Though it will operate under Windows 95/98, it is not compatible with later versions (2000, ME, XP).

It runs in the background and is brought into use in any edit window by pressing a hot-key combination. Master dictionaries are available in several languages and fully editable and searchable custom dictionaries can be created. The system requirements are modest and it should run on any computer.

Spell Checker remains free for private use, and it need not be registered with us. Business, commercial and government users should register and pay a small fee - details are in the file ORDER.TXT in the application ZIP archive. There are deep discounts for multiple or site licences.

Download Spell Checker
Click on the buttons below to download what you want. The dictionaries are provided separately from the application, so you must as a minimum get the program plus at least one dictionary. All files are ZIP archives, which require a program such as PKZip or WinZIP to extract them.

If you have it set, we strongly suggest that you disable automatic extraction of files after download, as this will put the program and dictionary elements in different folders, when they all need to be in the same one.

Since Spell Checker was designed for Windows 3.1, it may seem more trouble to install than some more recent applications. There are installation notes named INSTALL.TXT in the program ZIP file. Please read these first.

Spell Checker 3.02 program (136K)
British English dictionary (333K)
US English dictionary (328K)
French dictionary (552K)
French-Canadian dictionary (552K)
German dictionary (530K)
Italian dictionary (239K)
Dutch dictionary (787K)
Norwegian dictionary (275K)
Danish dictionary (149K)
Afrikaans dictionary (745K)
Developer's kit (105K)
Help file & sample code to integrate Spell
Checker into your own (16-bit) applications

Current status
Spell Checker is no longer under development, but remains available for download. In particular, we do not now propose to issue a 32-bit version for Windows NT/2000/ME/XP. It continues to be supported, though pressure of time means that a response may not be swift. The mailing list has been closed.

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