Spell Checker For Edit Boxes

My popular freeware application that will check text inside many Windows applications.
Master dictionaries are available here for eight languages. Still only avaiable for 16bit although a 32 bit version is once again looking possible!
Sheffield University Ceilidh Society
Folk music and dance in and around the Sheffield area. This site gives details of events run by the society and other information with may be of interest to members.Tunes (in ABC format) are avialble on the site. Site design and implementation is mine (using Kusala's Arcos) but it needs updating...
Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival
National festival which runs once a year in a university somewhere in the UK. This is the website for the cenral organisation and Information Point which co-ordinates between events. Logo and site design from little old me. There is also a 2003 site, also by me :-) (ego, ego, ego)
Open Source Systems Ltd
Computer solutions based on Linux and other open source solutions. Support and system design for the Microsoft hater or those who just want a low cost soltion. Logo and web pages again designed by me - although I didn't get to pick the colours...
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