Who is this Brian person anyway ?

Darned if I know... Ex-Thornbury, Ex-Sheffield Uni, Ex-Kusala I seem to have somehow ended up as a computer contractor doing various things - which is how I like it, lots of variety. I'm interested in a fair range of things - computers, folk music, cycling, squash at the moment my most significant project is merging an old laptop and a coffee table to produce an internet/games terminal for the living room.

I have developed a hatred for certain films by Monty Python and for some reason animated snails (original jokes only please...), other than that I'm fairly easy going.

So what am I doing at the moment?

Well I've finally gone back to writing the 32bit version of Spell Checker although it keeps getting put on hold so that I can help organise a festival (IVFDF 2003), or do CeilidhSoc committee type stuff (didn't I say I was only going to do the web site?) so progress has been a bit slow (as always!). Can't believe that the original was mostly written in only 2 weeks, still that shows how much more complex writing windows applications is these days.

I've finally put up few (a very few) photos from the party in January (hum, welcome to the worlds most up to date web site...) and you can find them in the photos section - most of these photos are from Ben Reid's digi-camera web site but there are a few from my own camera in there as well.

The coffee table project is progressing nicely at last - the computer is now embeded in the table and almost completely hidden but I bumped the glass putting it back so now I need to visit the glassiers before I can finish the project :-( There are a few photos of the project so far in the photos section.

Other things...

Thanks to a nice weekend at ICBINI and a juggling workshop I think I've finally managed to crack the club juggling! Hurrar, although it did mean I've had to change my CV :-) Those of you who have been down the Red House pub will know I'm still practicing the bodhran (nice new beater, oooh, toys...) and the wireless LAN is starting to stretch out into the neighbourhod (yes, we have contact!). Anyone else in WALKLEY with a wireless card who would like to join in give me a shout!

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